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1866-83 Nickel Five Cents Shield
History of the Shield Nickel.

1883-1913 Nickel Five Cents Liberty Head
History of the Liberty Head Nickel.

1913-38 Nickel Five Cents Buffalo
History of the Buffalo Nickel.

Buffalo Nickels
Article about Buffalo Nickels.

Five Cent Pieces - Coin Collecting
Information and illustrations. Nickel types: Shield, Liberty Head, Indian (Buffalo), and Jefferson.

Indian Head/Buffalo Nickels 1913-1938 Coin Guide

Jefferson Nickels 1938 (to present) Coin Guide

Liberty Head Nickels 1883-1913 Coin Guide

Nickel Five Cent Pieces
Information and illustrations. Shield, Liberty, Buffalo, and Jefferson nickels.

Shield Nickels 1866-1883 Coin Guide

The Jefferson Nickel - Coin Collecting
Article on Jefferson nickels.

The United States Mint - Westward Journey Nickel Series

Wooden Nickel Historical Museum - History of Wooden Nickels





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